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Student Orientation

We are excited about planning the transition to DW for students who have never attended Daniel Wright (incoming sixth-graders, full remote current sixth-graders, other students new to DW this year) in a way that is fun, meaningful and supportive for our students.

Over the summer Daniel Wright staff will prepare the building for full in-person learning and the spaces will look much different than they do right now. To allow us time to prepare classroom spaces for learning, we are planning for student orientation activities (for the students new to DW) to be held late July or early August. Even during usual times, the transition to middle school brings about changes in how students’ schedules are developed.

Daniel Wright staff will continue to communicate with the fifth-grade teachers to understand the individual needs of each student. However, we do not provide a platform for parents to make specific requests regarding scheduling decisions and teacher selections. We realize that a different process is in place at Half Day School but due to the transition to an academic schedule with 10 periods per day, this is not a practice implemented during schedule development at DW.