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Team Heads to Nationals

Daniel Wright Science Bowl team advanced to Nationals after a competitive virtual regional competition over the weekend. Five students competed by answering tough questions like

  1. What organelle functions to isolate a human cell’s chromosomes from the cytoplasm?
  2. What is the most common term for the energy an object has because of its position or configuration?
  3. One degree of latitude at the Earth’s surface is equal to how many nautical miles?

At the conclusion, Daniel Wright's team was named regional champions. Congratulations to the following students who were coached by Maggie Patel and Tony Hafner:

  • Wenhan Li, 8
  • Anirudh Srinivasan, 8
  • Eric Zhang, 8
  • Sanjay Senthilnathan, 7
  • Ananya Iyer, 7