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Chess Champs

Congratulations to the eighth-grade Daniel Wright Chess team for coming in second place in the state tournament at the end of February.

There were over 40 schools made up of more than 500 players who competed. Additionally, the team members Sanjay Advani, Sanjeev Anbumani, Eeshan Gudapati, Rishab Konada, Anshu Shesham, and Atharva Singh all won six of eight matches each individually earning bronze medals and Second Runner-Up overall.

The seventh-grade team finished in eighth place. The team included Ethan Hu (bronze medal 2nd Runner-Up), Shlok Sriwastava (bronze medal 2nd Runner-Up), Jason Chen Lu, Ebrahim Mahmood, Avyukt Singh, and Frank Yuan.

The sixth-grade team finished in 14th place with only three players. The team included Abhiram Gudapati (bronze medal 2nd Runner-Up), Mohammad Jawad Audi, and Aarav Kulkarni.

Congratulations to our students on a wonderful tournament!