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Scientifically Speaking

Science is an interactive subject in the third-grade wing of Half Day School. Teachers apply what students learn to everyday life while they share their knowledge with classmates.

How fast can you go down a slide, teacher Katie McCraren challenges her third-graders. Students tested different materials, size, and mass of an object to gauge how quickly an object moves down a cardboard slide noting the friction it experiences along the way. Students created their own objects to slide down an inverted plane to test and predict which materials would have the highest and lowest friction, Miss McCraren said.

In a neighboring classroom, Gretchen McLelland’s third-graders conducted an experiment called, ‘Force at a Distance’ where students measured the greatest distance at which a paper clip would still be pulled toward a magnet. For more pictures of the activities, please visit the school's Facebook page.

“Students can actively see through this investigation that without providing the push or pull, paper clips are still moving toward magnets,” Mrs. McLelland said.