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District Launches DEI Website

District 103 cordially invites you to participate in our captivating project, "Unity in Diversity: Celebrating Our Differences, Embracing Our Similarities," which is now accessible through our newly launched Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website. As part of our commitment to fostering understanding and appreciation between cultures while strengthening partnerships within our school community, the district’s Superintendent's Advisory Council for Equitable Education (SACEE) envisions guiding the district toward cultivating a more inclusive D103 community that extends beyond cultural subjects and encompasses all demographics within our district. SACEE is an advisory council made up of parents, staff, board members, and administration.

One of SACEE's initiatives is to showcase the extraordinary family stories that exemplify our dedication to nurturing diversity, championing equity, and cultivating inclusion. We invite you to join us and share your unique story. We encourage students and families to share personal anecdotes, cultural traditions, or experiences that highlight both their individuality and the threads that connect them with others in the community. These conversations will uncover beautiful stories that emphasize both uniqueness and shared humanity.

  1. Fill out the Google Stories Form.

  2. Share your story idea. For ideas please review the stories on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion website.

  3. Margaret Van Duch,, will set up a video meeting with you and your family where you can share your story.