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Child-Sized Masks Required

Please take the time before your children return to school to purchase properly fitted masks. When a student wears a poorly fitted mask, it increases the risk of COVID-19 spreading while also creating a false sense of security. The most effective cloth masks will have two to three layers of tightly woven fabrics (such as cotton or a cotton blend) while allowing students to breathe comfortably. A properly fitting mask will cover the nose and extend down and under the chin, in order to catch all droplets (respiratory, cough, sneeze, etc...). Please note, neck gaiter masks, masks with openings or exhalation valves, and face shields are not considered an acceptable form of protection. Please read the CDC guidelines on proper mask wearing. It is further important that parents send their students to school with a minimum of four masks so that if one mask gets soiled there is a readily available new one to replace it. It is important to make sure that the masks fit the student prior to sending the student to school to help ensure the health and safety for all in the school setting.

Child sized fabric masks can be bought at most general retailers including Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and Amazon. When shopping for masks please look for the "child size" label for sizing for your children.