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Kindergarten Registration

Parents are invited to register their incoming Sprague kindergartners for the Fall 2022 school year if they are 5-years-old on or before Sept. 1, 2022. (Please do not register your Sprague early childhood student until the spring.)

The district offers half day and full day kindergarten. There is no lottery for full day kindergarten. Full day kindergarten is $3,500 payable in two installments and half day kindergarten is $88 a year. All registration this year will take place through our online portal, Infosnap.

During our online registration process, parents or guardians will need to submit the following documents. These documents can be uploaded to Infosnap, faxed to Laura B. Sprague School, dropped off at the school, or sent through the US Postal Service.

  1. A copy of the child's birth certificate or passport (a hospital certification of birth cannot be accepted).

  2. A copy of the parent/guardian's state or government-issued picture ID.

  3. Proof of District 103 residency producing the following documents;

    1. One Document from the following list is required:

      1. Real estate tax bill

      2. Monthly mortgage statement

      3. Closing house document

      4. Bill of sale

      5. Warranty deed

      6. Current and valid lease agreement (including landlord's name and phone number)

    2. Two documents from the following list are required:

      1. A copy of the parent/guardian's state or government-issued picture ID (Must show District 103 address for proof of residency)

      2. Vehicle registration

      3. Current homeowners/renters insurance policy

      4. Most recent (within 45 days) gas, electric, water, or cable bill (no cell phone bills accepted)

      5. Receipt for moving van

  4. Forms for medical, vision, and dental examinations. Forms are available on our health and wellness website or through your medical provider. These forms are state-mandated for entry into kindergarten.

  • State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Exam

  • State of Illinois Eye Examination Form

  • Proof of Dental Exam Form

Following are the directions for sending in the documents:

Mail, Fax, or Drop off documents to:
Laura B. Sprague School
Attention: Kindergarten Registration
2425 Riverwoods Road
847-945-6718 (secure fax line)

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Sprague School Office at 847-945-6665 or