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Spread Kindness

Sprague will kick off Kindness Month with a YouTube virtual assembly at 9:30 a.m. today, Jan. 8. Each day in January students are invited to complete an act of kindness and build their own chain of kind deeds. As students complete their acts of kindness, they can cut, color, and attach their links together to complete a kindness chain to hang in their homes.

There are different ways that students can show their kindness from little deeds of helping their family to bigger acts of kindness like writing cards to veterans, nursing homes, and more. There are links that provide ideas and blank links for students to think of their own ideas to spead kindness.

Throughout the month of January students will have opportunities to connect by grade levels after school and share the ways they are helping others. This is not mandatory, but a good way for our students to be connected as a student community.

At the end of January we will ask students to share pictures of their kindness chains to visualize how our students can spread kindness in the world.