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Library News

My name is Lauren Lenzini and I am your child's Library-Media Specialist at Sprague School! I will see your child each week in the library for a lesson and for book checkout.

This is my 13th year teaching. Before moving into this role in 2017, I taught second-grade at Sprague for five years, and have taught kindergarten and first-grade, as well. I feel very fortunate to be in this incredible role, in which I have the amazing privilege of being the only teacher to work with every child in our school! In the library, we will read stories, develop a love of literature, and learn to choose books that make our hearts flutter! We will also build, explore, work with technology, learn about digital citizenship, and acquire basic research skills.

Book Checkouts

  • EC and kindergarten students check out one book each week,
  • First-graders check out two books weekly,
  • And second-graders check out three books each week.

Please note your child's/children's weekly book checkout day/s, in order to support your child in returning library books on time, so that all children can enjoy the library's offerings. Thank you, in advance, for your support! Please note that your child's lesson day may be different from their day of book checkout.

You can support your child by checking that their books are ready to be returned to school the night before choosey browse. A great way to make sure books get back to school is to keep them in your child's backpack whenever they are not being read. Thank you for your support in keeping the books circulating and allowing children to get their hands on books they've been waiting to read!

Checkout Schedule (may be different from your child's library instruction day)

  • Monday: Kahn, Karras, Louras
  • Tuesday: Schultz, Lunardi, Lindell, Donenberg, Vander Pas
  • Wednesday: Clay, Terson, Delli, Larsen, Jaslikowski, Schreurs
  • Thursday: Jenkins, Miller, Yeo, Pinter, Binder, Korah, Ward
  • Friday: Ferron, Spurrier, Schlan, Chiesa, Lapin, Vani, Schencker

Book Selection

The purpose of your child's library books is to provide a window for exploring their interests, and to develop a love of literature and learning. The books they bring home may or may not be at an independent reading level. You can continue to support your child by asking them about the books they are selecting from the library, by reading aloud together, and by discussing a book before, during, and after reading. Reading the pictures or listening to a family member read aloud is part of the process of learning to read. We want all students to be excited about books and not to be limited in their opportunities for exploration, because of their current reading level.

Thank you for your time. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with your family!

Ms. Lauren Lenzini, M.S.Ed.

EC-2nd Grade Library Media Specialist