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Thinking Outside the Box

Sprague students stood in front of shoe sized boxes studying how they might stack them into a packing box to maximize the volume inside.

Sprague Reach Teacher Christie Wylie received a shipment of 320 bags of single serve popcorn. The popcorn was donated to Sprague from Double Good Popcorn to celebrate all staff members for "creating joy" and being a part of the essential workers team during the pandemic!

After removing the popcorn from the boxes she used the boxes as a teaching moment having first-graders consider how spatial awareness and volume, if positioned differently in a larger box, used up more or less space.

Thinking outside the box, Sadie O’Kelly, and Mira Nawal, both 7, stacked their boxes vertically and discovered that it maximized the space in the larger box allowing them to pack the most amount of popcorn in a single packing box.

First-Grade Common Core State Standards for math include having students organize objects into categories and compare the number of objects in different categories, which is what Mrs. Wylie’s students did during this project.

“Using actual boxes during this math exploration provided the opportunity for children to use flexible thinking and to discover that there were multiple solutions,” Mrs. Wylie said.

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