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Wildcat Way

Each month, Sprague Wildcats are learning about characteristics that help make them successful at school, at home, and in their community. It is known as “The Wildcat Way.” During the month of September, The Wildcat Way teaches students to learn about working as a team. Each month, students who are spotted demonstrating The Wildcat Way characteristics receive a 'Cat's Cash' coupon, which is then entered into a drawing. On Fridays, five winners from each grade will be randomly selected to pick a prize from Stripes' Store. The winners will be recognized each month during The Wildcat Way assembly.

Ask your Sprague student to name one of the Wildcat Ways and how they have demonstrated the behavior recently:

  • I can be SAFE

  • I can be a TEAM PLAYER

  • I can be a GOOD FRIEND

  • I can be THANKFUL

  • GIVING is my thing

  • I can be POSITIVE

  • I can be KIND


  • I can spread JOY