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Family Traditions Fair

Many families representing cultures from District 103’s community participated in Laura B. Sprague School’s Annual Family Traditions Fair.

Family volunteers hosted activities including games, dancing, traditional art, and playing musical instruments for students to experience. Cultures from countries including India, China, Israel, Japan, Serbia, Guyana, Egypt, Pakistan, Finland, Vietnam, Korea, Mexico, Ireland, and Assyria were represented at the Lincolnshire School. Children were invited to wear traditional clothing from their culture to celebrate Sprague's Family Traditions Fair.

Throughout the week, teachers instructed students on understanding diversity through activities that asked them to consider how they are similar and different from their classmates. Thanks to the fair organizers Multilingual Learner Teachers Jackie Bever and Anna Ahne.

In Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103, there are 43 native languages spoken in students’ homes. District 103 focuses on making positive steps toward creating inclusive, welcoming, and equitable learning and working environments for all students, parents, and employees.

While the event will end on Friday, learning will continue through the year in the students’ classrooms. Principal Ann Hofmeier stated that “students will continue to share and reflect on their learning from the Family Traditions Fair through writing and speaking opportunities,” and that “we are thankful to our dedicated staff and parents for providing this wonderful learning experience for all our students at Laura B. Sprague.”

For pictures of the event, please visit the school's Google Doc Folder.