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Inclusive Classrooms

Beginning this year, Sprague students will be learning from an additional social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum called, “The Nora Project.” Their mission is to promote disability inclusion by empowering educators and engaging students and communities. Through the Primer Pack, students are introduced to a variety of topics which will help them develop meaningful relationships with peers of all abilities.

Paired with our Second Step SEL Program, The Nora Project Primer Pack aims to teach students the critical skill and value of empathy while also normalizing difference and demystifying disability. Empathy is defined as “the ability to understand how someone else is feeling or to understand the situation they are in.” Many believe that empathy is a character trait you either have or you don’t, but studies show that talking about kindness, role-modeling altruism, and practicing teamwork positively impact character development and cultivate empathetic students and supportive, connected communities. The Primer Pack lays the foundation for these all-important empathy skills by providing students with opportunities to identify as “includers,” or individuals who demonstrate kindness, empathy, and emotional literacy towards others.

Our focus at Sprague will be on the Primer Pack program’s 4th outcome:

  • To develop an Ability Inclusive Mindset (AIM) by learning about ability diversity.
  • To learn that disability is a natural and expected part of human diversity.

Please visit the The Nora Project website for more information.