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Library Open to All Students

Remote and in-person learners may now check out books from the Half Day library. Here’s how it will work:

All students will search for books on the Half Day Destiny site. Students can find Destiny on a D103 iPad.

Once students select their books, they fill out a Book Request Form. On this form, students must indicate whether they are remote or in-person learners.

Remote learners will include their home address on the Book Request Form and their books will be delivered via our D103 bus system. Books will be delivered Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Due to Covid protocol, books cannot be returned on the book buses. Remote learners can drop their books off in the front entrance of Half Day during school hours or drop them off at the Transportation Office when picking up lunches.

In-person learners will pick their books up outside of the library and return them to the drop box outside of the school library.

Students can have three books checked out at a time for up to two weeks. All books will be quarantined for seven days before reentering circulation. Questions? Please email Becky Morgan at