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Spelling Bee for Grades 4-8

In place of our traditional spelling bee program, the first round of the spelling bee competition took place through the online spelling and vocabulary tests for grades 4-8. This year, our district-level competition will be administered in-person on Saturday, January 23, 2021 at Daniel Wright Jr. High School at 10:00 AM, while we attend to all safety COVID-19 protocols. The test will be a timed test and include both spelling and vocabulary. This competition will also be administered through the online program. While we are prepared to provide an in-person experience, we also understand that we may need to move to a remote competition if necessary.

The District champion will then move on to represent District 103 in the Lake County regional spelling bee program, which also may include online tests in lieu of in-person spelling bee events.

Congratulations to the following students:

Grade 4

*due to a tiebreaker 6 students in grade 4 will advance

  • Emma Lu
  • Eesha Gannu
  • Grace Tosyal
  • Srish Parachuri
  • Jushitha Kota
  • Batu Oksan

Grade 5

  • Karen Shen
  • Aidana Azamat
  • Akshara Kolguri
  • Sofia Liu
  • Bhavesh Sai Arambakam Madhu