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Library Offerings

Lincolnshire D103 provides a fully equipped library at Half Day School. The library is specifically designed to accommodate the age range and needs of the students within the building. In addition to a rich array of hard and soft cover books that have been carefully selected with the student body in mind, students will also find eBooks and databases, videos, reference and pictures books, computers, study areas, reading areas, and a trained librarian and assistant to provide support to the students as well as the teaching staff.

Half Day School maintains a collection of material that supports classroom curriculum and provides for individual needs, interests, abilities, and maturity levels. Based on classroom curricular needs, the library may provide classes with materials to enhance the learning process.

Students visit the library with their class and/or on an individual basis, depending on student needs, teacher discretion and/or assignment requirements. Specific or flexible scheduling is developed in collaboration with the classroom teacher and the library staff.

“In the library, students will find materials that not only support their intellectual growth, but their social, emotional, and personal growth as well. When students read, they become more open to the world around them, setting them up to be accountable and compassionate lifelong learners. The Half Day library is a place that belongs to everyone and here, everyone belongs.” said Becky Morgan, Half Day Library Media Specialist.

To view pictures of some of the classes, please visit our Facebook page or go to our Google Doc folder.