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Bottle Cap Benches

Inspired by a green team club initiative, Half Day School turned bottle caps into courtyard benches. During a ceremony, the school unveiled two blue benches that were made in part from bottle cap collections and contributions of $640 from the D103 Learning Fund Foundation.

The school collected an estimated 800 pounds of bottle caps over the past couple of years in an effort to help clean up the environment by keeping them out of the landfills and water sources, but also to turn them into two benches for their courtyard.

"Eighteen billion pounds of plastic wind up in our water sources each year, polluting our rivers, lakes, and oceans," said Tracy Gordon, who spearheaded the bench project for Half Day.

Half Day submitted its collection to the Green Tree Plastics, of Evansville, Indiana, for its program called ABC Promise Partnership, which allows students to recycle plastic bottle caps and lids into benches for their communities.

For pictures of the ceremony, please visit the school's Facebook page or Google Doc folder.