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Summer Reading

Help keep your children's minds active with books they love over the summer. The Half Day library has put together a number of reading resources for students to enjoy.

Addressing the Summer Slide

  • Reading just 4 to 6 books over the summer has the potential to prevent a decline in reading achievement scores from the spring to the fall.
  • Access to books is critical. The Vernon Area Public Library is an excellent free resource for families to have access to books of a wide range of interests and reading levels, as well as librarians to guide children and families in selecting great books.
  • When children select reading materials themselves and read for enjoyment, they receive the most gains in reading achievement, including better reading comprehension, writing style, vocabulary, spelling, and grammatical development. Also, the longer that this free voluntary reading is practiced, the more consistent and positive the results. Thus summer programs, such as those offered in public libraries, that allow and encourage children to choose what they read are likely to be most successful.
  • Children and teens tend to read more when adults in their lives encourage them to read, and also when they see those adults reading often themselves.
  • Children who feel that reading is fun tend to read more often, so summer programs that help make reading enjoyable and social are most successful.

Resource: Colorado Department of Education and Colorado State Library