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Engaged in Science

Fifth-graders were fascinated as bubbles rose quickly in a glass container after they added baking soda to vinegar. Students experimented with three types of vinegar using the “fair test scientific method” to gather evidence.

The fair test method showed that while controls - amount of baking soda, same container, room temperature - didn’t change using different vinegar variables - apple cider, white, balsamic - altered the height of the bubbles in the experiment. Students collected qualitative data and quantitative data to provide an answer as to why the bubbles changed height.

“This experiment allowed us to use the practices of science that Next Generation Science Standards Framework identifies as essential for all students. These practices include, asking questions, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing and interpreting data, and constructing explanations,” said Teacher Carrie Dwyer. For pictures of the activity, please visit the school's Google Doc folder.