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Students Study Erosion

Fourth-graders recently conducted experiments to determine how the Earth’s landscape changes through erosion. Students first observed a control standard-run to compare with a flood and slope simulation.

Mrs. (Jami) Reed’s fourth-grade class constructed experiments using stream tables filled with sand and clay. Students poured water into the tables to investigate how slope and flood affect the erosion and deposition of Earth materials.

“We conducted experiments to show how the Earth reacts to different changes. We showed how our climate is changing and how water changes the landscape,” explained fourth-grader Tanya Dong.

This Next Generation Science Unit looks at Earth Systems including Soils and Weathering. During this unit, fourth-graders ask questions, develop and use models, plan and carry out investigations, analyze and interpret data, construct explanations and design solutions.

For more pictures of the activity, please visit the school's Google Doc folder.