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Come One, Come All!

We are thrilled to invite all Half Day students to the first ever school Fun Fair! This inaugural event will take place on Friday, January 27, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Half Day School. Students will get to enjoy over 30 different carnival games and activities (including inflatables) along with snacks and prizes. This exciting event will be the perfect way to cap off Half Day School Kindness Week! You won't want to miss it!

Advance tickets are required. Step right up and purchase your tickets for this extraordinary event for $10.

Please note that this is not a drop off and pick up event. All students must attend with an adult chaperone (no tickets required for adults). Carpooling is encouraged. This event is for Half Day students only.

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We need more volunteers to make this event a success! You'll be there anyway with your student so why not volunteer while your student roams the fair! Please note that there are some activities that don't require any work at all (just show up and monitor the game), and there are some activities that you can be creative with and add your own personal touch. Here are some examples of both types of activities that still need volunteers to run them:

"Just show up" Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Bull Ringer - Swing the ring to try to land on the hook under the bull’s nose.
  • Flap Attack - Players challenge an opponent by rolling a ball uphill knocking down flaps to land the highest score but watch out for the drop off!

"Get Creative" Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Pin Drop - Festively decorate a jug to drop clothespins into.
  • Jail - One classroom will be the dedicated “jail” of the evening. Develop the rules for putting a friend in jail and how they will get out (usually by singing a song).

Sign up here to volunteer!

See you at the Fun Fair!