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Dog Visits

Honey, an Australian Labradoodle, visited classrooms at Half Day School boosting the school’s social-emotional well-being. This breed of dog is known to be loyal, intelligent, friendly and eager to please. They are even tempered-gentle and kind.

Principal Jill Mau invited the labradoodle to school. “Honey exceeded our intentions of bringing additional smiles, joy, and many squeals of delight into the halls of Half Day School!” she said.

Why Half Day invites a therapy dog to visit the classrooms:

  • Therapy dogs spread joy!

  • Therapy dogs spread affection.

  • Therapy dogs bring comfort to others

  • Therapy dogs can relieve stress.

  • Therapy dogs give love and receive love!

  • Dogs can make us feel safe!

Please visit the school's Google Doc folder for pictures of the therapy dog.