Goal 2:

Maintain the Board policy on fund balances with excess funds diverted to capital projects.

District 103’s Strategic Plan, Vision 2020, outlines this need using the specific actions below:

  • Formalize an analysis framework for evaluating new programs and existing program expansions that consider financial, facility, staff and other long-term impacts.
  • Identify and implement strategies where savings can be achieved in the District budget.

Board Policy 4:20 states "The School District seeks to maintain year-end fund balances no less than 20 percent (20%) of the annual expenditures in each fund." On a continuing basis, the evaluation of both new programs and expansion of existing programs considers budgetary implications with the underlying priority to comply with Board Policy.

Actions outlined above are part of the ongoing work of the District, and progress will be publicly reported both through Board of Education meeting reports and this website.