Goal 2:

Conduct an analysis of a district transportation system versus a contractual transportation system. District 103’s Strategic Plan, Vision 2020, outlines this need using the specific actions below:

  • Develop goals and guidelines for the transportation system.
  • Develop and evaluate options to meet established goals and guidelines, comparing in-house transportation vs. a contractual service.

The first action step identified above was accomplished through the work of the Transportation Committee during 2015 as reported under Goal 1.

Work began on the second action step with a preliminary evaluation of transportation options and cost comparisons between in-house and contractual services indicating potential cost savings. At the end of June 2016, an initial recommendation was made for the Board of Education to pursue the bidding of transportation services. However, the timeline for the bid process has been delayed due to: the transition of 5th grade from Daniel Wright Junior High to Half Day School starting in August 2017 (see Facilities, Goal 2); and the changes in school starting and ending times, effective in August 2017 (see Culture & Climate, Goal 1).