Walking to School

There are some important lessons to teach your child about walking to school. You should work out the safest route and walk this route with your child both to and from school, pointing out things to watch for and showing him/her the correct way to cross each street. If your child is going anywhere after school other than home, make sure he/she informs a family member.

You should share the following general information or warnings with your child, along with any specific facts about the route:

  • Never talk to strangers. Never accept rides from strangers. If someone you don't know offers you a ride, run away from him/her. Run to where there are other people. When you get to school, tell your teacher or principal. When you get home, tell your parents about what happened.
  • If a stranger tries to grab you, fight against him/her and yell, "Help! This is not my daddy (mommy)!"
  • Look for and obey the traffic lights. Cross the street only when the sign says walk. If there is not a "walk/don't walk" sign, then cross only on the green light.
  • Watch out for cars making right turns on a red light.
    Always look both ways before crossing the street - look left, look right, look left again - then proceed carefully.
    Walk, don't run across the street. If you fall, you might not be able to get up in time.
  • Always cross at the corner. Don't cross in the middle of the block or walk between parked cars.
  • Wear bright, reflective clothing, especially during the darker winter months.
  • Pay attention to traffic sights and sounds. Don't wear headphones or talk on a cell phone on the way to school.
  • Stay alert at all times while walking. Accidents happen most often when we are not paying attention.
  • Always follow the designated route to school. Stay out of alleys and stay away from any abandoned buildings.