Dr. Michelle Blackley


Michelle Blackley grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania and attended Penn State University. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Educational Administration and a Master of Science degree in Biology from East Stroudsburg University. She has over 26 years of experience in education, and she began her career teaching middle school science in the Poconos of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Dr. Blackley went on to teach high school Biology and AP Physics for Jonesboro Public Schools in Jonesboro, Arkansas and also worked as a high school science teacher for Pittsburgh Public Schools. Dr. Blackley’s husband was relocated to Illinois in 2013, and she was three children.

Educational Administration

Beginning in 2003, Dr. Blackley lived in Columbus, OH, where she served as an Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at Westerville City Schools and at Olentangy Local Schools. More recently, she served as the Principal of Olentangy Liberty Middle School. In her administrative roles, she was fortunate to work collaboratively with staff on implementing formative assessment practices, standards-based grading practices to track student growth, and implementation of the rigorous common core standards and college and career readiness outcomes.

Leadership at Daniel Wright Junior High School

Dr. Blackley enjoys her role as the instructional leader of Daniel Wright Junior High School and is proud to work with the students, staff, and parents of the District 103 learning community. As a resident and visible member of the Lincolnshire community, she is able to develop positive relationships with parents and students outside of the school day. She has always found this age level to be particularly rewarding, as it is a key transitional time in the growth and overall development of children. Dr. Blackley says, “We can be so impactful during this time of their lives, if we give students support and guidance while providing them a quality educational experience. Middle and junior high school experiences are integral in helping students create a solid foundation to become college and career ready.”