Major Religious and Cultural Holidays in 2019-2020

August 11                   Eid al-Adha begins

September  30-Oct 1  Rosh Hashanah

October 9                    Yom Kippur

October 27                  Diwali begins

December 23               Hanukkah begins

December 25               Christmas

December  26              Kwanzaa

January 6                     Epiphany

January 7                     Orthodox Christmas

January 25                   Chinese New Year

March 9                       Holi

April 9                         First Day of Passover

April 10                       Good Friday

April 12                       Easter

April 17                       Orthodox Good Friday

April 19                       Orthodox Easter

April 24                       Ramadan begins

May 24                        Eid al-Fitr                    

The observance of both Jewish and Muslim holidays begins at sundown of the preceding day.


By law, public bodies cannot endorse or unduly favor one religion over another. Due to the number of holidays celebrated by families in our community, District 103 will not cancel school for religious or cultural reasons. A partial list of major religious & cultural holidays is listed on the reverse of this sheet for reference and awareness only. 

While school is in session on religious holidays, we support every family’s and students’ freedom to practice their religion. For consistency, the following guidelines have been established.

Excused Absences – District 103 will allow excused absences for students to celebrate religious holidays.

Notification of Absences – Parents are expected to follow procedures for reporting absences as stipulated in the parent-student handbook. Early notification of planned absences by parents is appreciated but not required.

Religious Holiday Observance – A student may not be penalized for their observance of a religious holiday. The student will be given one week to complete work impacted by the religious observance as well as makeup any missed tests or quizzes. Staff and teachers shall provide students with class notes or syllabus, and any assignments prior to the absence if requested and if available. Otherwise, these items shall be provided upon return from a religious holiday. 

Sports and Extracurricular Activities – The District makes every effort to avoid conflicts on religious holidays. In the instance when a conflict may occur, students will not be penalized because they are unable to participate in a sporting event, practice, try-out or another extra-curricular activity due to their observance of a religious holiday.